Celtic Heaven

Nèamh Nan Gàidheal


A Celtic teaching, ceremonial, and workshop center


There is a mystical path of union with God/Goddess that weaves its way through the mists and heathered hills of olden days, leading all seekers up the spiral, rainbow, ladder of light within. Petals of each individual’s inner rose open slowly along the Way, perfumed by pure Love of the One, the Beloveds of the cosmos. Come, follow the path that will open your deepest desires for good on earth, will delve into the inmost recesses of your heart, bringing light to heal all fear within, and gently build your unique inner gifts of love, tenderly weaving the threads of many lifetimes into a high and holy destiny, the completed tapestry of your lives on earth. This secret Path of enlightenment will awaken and empower you to create y/our world with an aware heart and consciousness that does not get entangled in the many shadows of the outer world. It will heal both Celtic and Christian distortions, and bring the old pagan and new Christian Celtic traditions into wholeness and harmony. And it will slowly guide you into simplicity, honesty, freedom, gentleness, intimacy with all life, and community. And at the very end comes the Happily-Ever-After portal, bringing your own true love and world service dreams to sparkling life! Do you hear the whispered call of the fae? Do you feel druid guides or angels in the Otherworld waiting to attend you? Take a moment to listen and ponder, and if your heart is so moved, come join us in song, healing, and laughter. We welcome you to everlasting joy, service, and love.

The Celtic Heaven Center is located in central Rhode Island