Moongate at Blithewold Gardens, Bristol, RI 

The Celtic Heaven School

 The Celtic Heaven School consists of one week-end during nine moons of the druid year. Exact dates to be announced several months prior to school opening but will fall close to the solstice/equinox/cross-quarter days listed below. This is an intensive course, designed to teach all aspects of the Celtic Path of enlightenment. Each week-end focuses on one inner part of the spirit, connecting with the matching regent/s in the Creator Sun, healing inner and global fears that are keeping that aspect closed down, and opening the inner flow from the Creator Sun through each individual. All week-ends include healing time. Classes begin at 9:30 am, include a simple vegetarian lunch, and end at 4:30 pm. Each Sunday ends with a ceremony. Courtesy and respect for all participants is required, along with full confidentiality of all that may arise during any of the following workshops. Reiki practitioners will need a simple initial cleansing. We do not engage in the old pagan practices of black magic or sacrifice, but will do our best to heal these old shadows within. Remaining at the workshop for the full two days and all week-ends will bring the most benefit, so if you need to make special arrangements, please contact me first.

Wear comfy clothes, and bring slippers, plus outdoor shoes. Please note ceremonial wear listed below. Daily healing between school sessions during these nine moons will greatly facilitate all learning and growth. Cost is $200 per week-end. Deposit of $500 due four weeks before the start of the school, to be applied evenly over the first five school sessions. Remainder is due four weeks before each session. Two half scholarships are available per session. No more than fifteen participants.

1)    The Birch Moon, December 22nd-January 15th, New Year week-end, The Divine Child: Day One: the girl: loving kindness, basic healing, energy anatomy, the ladder of light, structure of the Creator Sun and matching inner spirit aspects, the core wound. Day Two: boy, seeds of the highest destiny, will force in surrender to the greater good, basic spirit truths. We will do energy body scans, partnered healing, healing play. Star Child Ceremony. Bring starry/glittery blouses/shirts, if you like, capes provided.

2)    The Rowan Moon, January 16th-February 8th, Imbolc, Divine Father: Day One: the father’s kingdom, template of the future on earth, the Laws of Love or Chivalric code of the Celtic heaven in the Creator Sun, preparation for one’s highest destiny. Day Two: work in the world and financial flow. Includes partnered healing time. Knighting Ceremony. Please bring white dresses, pants and shirts, or kilts for this. Dresses preferred for the ladies but do what you like. Sashes provided.

3)    The Ash Moon, February 9th-March 4th, first week-end in March. Divine Girl. Day One: spiritual purpose, inner confidence, diversity in a dominating world. Day Two: union of child hearts, spiritual laws of friendship. Wedding of Pixie King and Fairy Queen Ceremony with high tea, picnic style. Wings, fairy tops and skirts for the  ladies; knickers, poet shirts, and vests for the men provided. Bring your own fairy wear, if you prefer, ones you can wear outside, though.

4)    The Alder Moon, March 5th-28th, week-end closest to Vernal Equinox. Divine Boy. Day One: stages of the path. Day Two: the slow flow of life, root connection to the mother. Baptism ceremony. Bring bathing suits, if you like. Towels provided.

5)    The Willow Moon, March 29th to April 21st, Easter week-end. Divine Mother. Day One: responsibility to the All, giving up control in of the outer world, learning wisdom, renewing wisdom for the cosmos, healing the ancient past, embracing all people in mother love. Day Two: family and child care, life flow into the root, comfort, care for the self, and sleep. Opening the Veils Ceremony. Bring Celtic or other ceremonial wear, if you like. We will be outside for this, though.

6)    The Hawthorne Moon, April 22nd-May 15th, Bealtaine. The Divine Virgin Girl. Day One: the divine child cycle, building and birthing the divine child within, connecting with the plant and fae kingdoms. Day Two; peace on earth, the peaceable kingdom restored, holding a centered space of love in the face of male dominance, violence, and/or sexual abuse. Wind Beneath Wings Ceremony. If you have a military shirt, bring it. Otherwise, ceremonial wear provided.

7)    The Oak Moon, May 16th-June 8th, the One Beloved God, Oghama. Day One: cycle of the mind, the sacred Ogham alphabet, reading names. Day Two; the embodiment of love, highest destiny. Ceremony of Roses, Beloved to beloved. Bring red or ivory robes, if you like, soft and velvety. Dresses preferred for the ladies. Not skimpy or overly tight, please.

8)    The Holly Moon, June 9th-July 2nd, Midsummer. The Divine Virgin Male. Day One: the action cycle, taming one’s personal will, skills of the spiritual warrior, connection with djinn and animal kingdoms. Day Two; courtly love, union of hearts in service to Love, changing the world. World Service Ceremony, ceremonial wear provided, but bring ethnic clothing of the areas of the world you are, or eventually want to be, working in, if you like.

9)    The Apple Moon, July 27th-August 19th, Lughnasa. The Goddess, the White Tara. Day One: the cycle of emotion or the druid year, intimacy, music. Day Two; union at all levels, true love, and sacred sexuality. Beginning the Path and Graduation Ceremony. Bring ivory robes or shirts/pants for this.